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If you think all the big political parties are the same - you're right! The bosses have got three parties - isn't it about time we had one of our own?


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Campaign for a New Workers' Party News


A message from Cllr Dave Nellist, CNWP chair

The weekend press has reported that student leaders plan to challenge Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, in Sheffield Hallam in 2015. But Clegg losing votes to the 2nd or 3rd place lets the Tories or Labour in (already cut tertiary education!). We need a new, national challenge - starting now, in the local elections more


Public Spending Review anything but 'fair'

“The cuts outlined in today’s Public Spending Review will cause untold suffering amongst workers and the poor, none of whom caused the present financial crisis,” Socialist Councilor Dave Nellist stated immediately after the Chancellor’s more


The bosses have got three parties –

isn’t it about time we had one of our own?

Before the general election, New Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems all pledged to make cuts ‘worse than Thatcher’! This was the choice working people were presented with on polling day. Not surprisingly, none of these wanna-be cutters was given a clear mandate, so we now have a ‘government of the losers’ in the form of the ConDem more


TUSC plans for future elections

"THE Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is not the answer for everything that we need to do as a movement to resist the austerity measures that will come from this Tory-Liberal government", said the RMT transport workers' union general secretary, Bob Crow, to a post-election meeting of TUSC candidates last more


TUSC’s first steps

THE EARLY EFFORTS to establish working class political representation did not meet with easy success. In his first contest as an independent labour candidate, in the 1888 Mid-Lanarkshire by-election, Keir Hardie sometimes lost the then standard ‘vote of confidence in the candidate’ at his own public more


Stop these savage cuts: support the trade unionist and socialist alternative

"What I say to people on the doorstep is we will only cut your throat slowly, the others will cut your head off" was a comment of New Labour MP for Blyth Valley in the North East, Ronnie Campbell, in a local more


Workers reject main parties - Support the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

BA cabin crew, civil servants, railway workers... As the general election looms, trade unionists are voting for, and taking, action to defend their rights, conditions and pay against the onslaught from the bosses and the government. We can't afford to wait until after 6 May - we have to fight back more


Byers, Hewitt & Hoon: inevitable outcome of the New Labour project

Sick of the corruption and sleaze at Westminster, trade unionists are organising a new political challenge in the upcoming general election, breaking with the trade union movement's traditional support for the Labour more


Coventry: Voters need socialist fighters - not service cutters

"You know Dave Nellist and the Socialists - they are the ones who stand up for people like us". This was the comment of a woman to her daughter at one of our recent campaign stalls, a sentiment that is more and more common among working class people across the more


Young voters need real change

Fifty-six percent of 17-24 year olds aren't registered to vote. Of those that are registered, many still do not vote come polling day. With this in mind, BBC3 hosted a 'first time voters' Question Time, giving politicians from the three establishment parties a platform to explain to young people why they should vote for more


"Milford Haven ruling against these workers show why we are standing in the election"

The Campaign for a New Workers' Party is supporting Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidates in the forthcoming general election. In Wales, two prominent trade unionists and socialist campaigners are amongst the more


Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition: Important step towards a new workers' party

Clive Heemskerk from the Socialist Party reports on developments around the recently launched Trade Unionist and Socialist more


Support for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) grows

Declarations of support have continued to come in for the newly-launched Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) general election more


Launch of Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Last week saw the culmination of a series of discussions by participants in the 'No2EU-Yes to Democracy' European election coalition to see whether another alliance could be constructed for the forthcoming general election. The result is that there will now be an election challenge, under the newly-registered electoral banner, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) more


Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition Programme for General Election

The working class and peoples of Britain face a ruling class offensive which will intensify over the coming period.

It is an offensive against public services, incomes, living standards and trade union rights in order to boost monopoly more


Coalition to stand general election candidates

A coalition to stand trade union and socialist candidates in the general election has been launched by organisations and individuals who participated in ‘NO2EUYes to Democracy’, the left-wing coalition that stood in the European elections. We call on everyone who wants a working-class alternative presented at the general election to get more


RMT conference on political representation

The RMT transport union hosted an open-to-all conference on the crisis in working class political representation on Saturday 7 November. This followed the overwhelming backing given at the RMT's annual general meeting in July to the union's participation in the 'No2EU, Yes to Democracy' European election coalition, and a decision at that meeting to continue the discussion on the lack of working class political more


RMT Conference on the Crisis in Working Class Political Representation

Minutes from the RMT conference on political more


Defend Public Services – make the councillors pay at the ballot box!

Up and down the country, in every town and city, local politicians from the 3 establishment parties – Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrats – are cutting services and preparing to axe hundreds and thousands of more


Support CWU Strikers

Supporters of the CNWP have been visiting picket lines across the country to show their support for striking postal workers. The message of support below was unanimously agreed to at the CNWP Steering Committee meeting last more


Question Time and the BNP

The NoEU convenor Bob Crow, of the RMT, was refused a place on Question Time during the European elections. Now The Guardian and Independent have given the BNP and Nick Griffin saturation publicity but the NOEU, representing working-class interests and fighting racism and privatisation, got more


Overwhelming support for breaking the Labour link in London CWU

An overwhelming 98% of postal workers in London have voted to withdraw CWU funding from the Labour Party.  While this was only a consultative ballot it reflects the alienation and anger most postal workers feel towards the Labour more


The progress towards a workers’ alternative in the general election

London CNWP meeting, Monday 28th September 7:30pm, Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street, near Euston Station. All more


Vote to Break the Link with New Labour!

CWU members in the London Region are holding an indicative ballot over whether or not the union should continue to give money to the Labour party. This follows a myriad of more


CNWP Officers discuss way forward

CNWP officers met in London on Monday July 20th to assess the campaign's support for the trade union based Euro-sceptic No2EU electoral coalition and to plan the next moves for the CNWP more


Widen the debate for a workers' alternative

Labour's meltdown in the Euro and council elections, coupled with the election of two BNP MEPs, has caused debates throughout the country as to what sort of political response is more


No2EU: A step towards a workers' political voice

No2EU-Yes to Democracy brought together the RMT, the Socialist Party, the Communist Party of Britain, the Socialist Alliance, the Alliance for Green Socialism, supporters of the CNWP, some branches of Respect, and others. Amongst its candidates were leaders of the most militant struggles in more


CWU members need a political voice

The return of Mandelson to the Government and the proposed privatisation of Royal Mail emanating from the Hooper Review should be the final confirmation to the leadership and activists in the CWU that the Unions relationship with Labour is an abusive more


We need workers' MPs on a worker's wage

Working class people are furious about MPs' huge 'expenses'. On Thursday 4 June, elections take place for the European Union, which for many members of the European Parliament (MEPs) is an even bigger gravy train than more

For a workers' alternative to the bosses' parties

THE NATIONAL UNION of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) has initiated an electoral alliance for the European elections that will be contesting all of the seats in England, Wales and Scotland in the elections on 4 more


How can we really stop the BNP?

The following letter was carried in the Guardian on 29th April in response to Peter Hains comment piece on the threat of the BNP in the European more


G20 Protests

CNWP Trade Union officer Terry Pearce interviewed on the TUC-backed Put People First more


RMT & the Euro Elections

The following letter was carried in the Guardian on Friday 20 March 2009. A longer article on the RMT & the European elections will be carried here soon... read more


A new political party is needed, but what type of party?

It was reported in the Liverpool Daily Post on 17 March, that local solicitor and independent Tory councillor David Kirwan is planning to set up a new political party on more


Merseyside CNWP public meeting

Workers strike back! The Lindsey Oil Refinery dispute. Thursday 26th March, 7:30pm at the Casa (bistro) 29 Hope Street, more


What do union members get from Labour link?

A growing number of left activists in the trade unions are frustrated with the continued financial and political links between the unions and the Labour Party. This is hardly surprising given the attacks carried out on working-class more


BNP bigots retreat under pressure

The origional Merseyside police decision to postpone Everton's home game on 14 March and disrupt the arrangements of thousands of football supporters to accommodate the poisonous activities of the racist BNP, beggars more


Wirral cuts: We need a new party

On 9 February around 150 people rallied at Wallasey town hall against the wholesale destruction of local services by Wirral council. Lively contingents with banners, flags and placards represented many local facilities under threat from the more


Interview with Greg Maughan from the CNWP

The following interview conducted by Christina Brooks was carried in the London Progressive more


Labour's abandoning of the working class

Increasingly, the media and politicians talk about the 'disadvantage suffered by white working-class people', and the need to 'listen to their concerns' more


Conference: 'The crisis in working class political representation'

The rail union RMT-organised conference to "discuss the crisis in working class political representation" which took place on 10 January, was initiated by a resolution passed at last year's RMT more


Building a left wing political alternative

Forty people including trade unionists, community campaigners and students attended the first London regional meeting of the Campaign for a New Workers' more


The working class needs its own mass party

The closing rally of Socialism 2008, hosted by the Campaign for a New Workers' Party, was on the theme of the fight for a working class political more


Socialists call for full nationalisation

Socialists have called for the £500 billion bailout of the banking system by the Labour government to be replaced by full-scale more


Bradford & Bingley Bailout

The announcement of the nationalisation of Bradford and Bingley begs the question, if it's ok to bail out the bankers why couldn't the Government intervene to rescue other companies - for example Longbridge or Peugeot who've thrown thousands out of more


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